Anna van Kooij

Can You Repeat?

"Is there a possibility that an outside viewer traces back the abstruse ways of a body’s inner journey? Each dancer/mover has their own codes of moving. Rarely can one discover other minds/bodies’ creative processes while watching a performance. Ay!e Orhon shares with us that intimate route of becoming. She has a body of multiple capacities. Instead of fascinating us with her physical strength and beauty, she prefers to dwell into the most awkward moments of discovering the movement.

The question of authorship is already there; Who is giving the orders? Who is adjusting? Who is submitting? The body and its infinite possibilities of “being” are analyzed in a lighthearted, unimposing manner. Yet, the body as a site of struggle is impressively in front of us." Zeynep Günsür // Translated: İdil Kemer

Credits: Choreography and dance: Ayşe Orhon /// Dramaturgical assistance: Aslı Mertan /// Light design: Jiv Wagner/// Special thanks: Idil Kemer, Gülsün Orhon, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm. Co-producers: ÇATI (Contemporary Dance Artists Association -Istanbul), Bimeras | iDans (Istanbul)
Support: TanzLabor_21 (Tanzplan Deutschland Frankfurt)


iDANS Festival, Istanbul, Turkey 2007 09/30,
Festival Complicitats La Mekanica -La Caldera- Barcelona, Spain 2008 02/27,
Springdance Huis aan de Werf Utrecht, Holland 2008 04/20
garajistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey   2008 04/22,
Biennale Bonn Lampenlager Bonn, Germany 2008 06/17-18, 2
ImPulsTanz [8:tension] Schauspielhaus Wien, Austria 2008 07/26-29,
0090 Kunstenfestival KVS Brussels, Belgium 2009 02/14