photo: Laurent Pallier


"hava" focuses to see how sound finds shape and how shape finds its sound. Recorded on 1930, Safiye Ayla's Bayati gazel (“Yarin bu kadar cevri gelir miydi hayale”) is the hidden motive of the performance. “Gazel”, a form of literary writing is also a form of music in Turkish Classical Music. A sung improvisational form is used as a composition, as if it can be repeated. More than a musical performance, "hava" explores the interrelation between voice/sound and movement -how their forms affect each other and study the use of air as the carrier of sound as well as of movement. With the participation of Ahmet Altınel to this process, a new musical component beeing present in this context, we witness another action to co-exist in space; without having any concern to look for an interrelation but hence creating a new reading. This is an attempt to make visible what is invisible.

Direction, choreography, performance: Ayşe Orhon Sound, music, performance: Ahmet Altınel, Ayşe Orhon /// Artistic Assistance: Ahmet Altınel, Ayşe Draz/// Light design: Jiv Wagner /// Costume: Nilüfer Karaca///  Sound engineering, programming: Burak Tamer

Thanks: Hatice Kocaman*, Gülsün Orhon, Aslı Mertan, Bülent Aksoy, Marko Zivadinovic, Gurur Ertem, Gültekin Orhon, Burak Tamer, Çatı (Contemporary Dance Association), CNDC Angers, Garajİstanbul, Sundance-Kubbe, Dancentrum, Ayşe Ayter, Işın Hancıer.

Premiere: Tanz im August, Berlin on August 20th, 2009
Performances: Festival Delle Roche, Turine /
Question de Danse, Marseille, France /
Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal/
IKSVİstanbul Theater Festival Istanbul /
Uzès Danse – Uzès, France /
Monty/0090 –Antwerp

This project was created with the support of LOOPING, a project developed by Uzes danse CDC, with the partnership of TanzWekstatt Berlin and O Espaço do Tempo, with the support of the Culture Program of the European Union.