Photo: Ebru Anıt Ahunbay

Photo: Ebru Anıt Ahunbay

ÇOK (many)

"ÇOK is a meditation on a question ("How many bodies can a body embody?") narrated through personal reflections of dancers, choreographers and visual artists from Istanbul. Like a contemporary novelist Orhon embodies their voices, their gestures, attitudes and what is inexpressible about them. The resulting performance is a feast that is amusingly clever."

From an article of Kaya Genç in Radikal.


Ayse Orhon

/// Contributing artists

Serap Meriç, Filiz Sızanlı, Özlem Alkış, Oda Projesi, Ayrin Ersöz, Emre Olcay, Devrim Kadirbeyoğlu /// Sound direction Burak Tamer /// Light design Jiv Wagner /// Costume design Nilüfer Karaca /// Dramaturgical support Gurur Ertem /// Artistic assistance Idil Kemer /// Drawings Ayşe Orhon /// From photographies by Ebru Anıt Ahunbay

Production Ayşe Orhon /// Co-production CNDC (Centre National de Danse Contemporaine, Angers) (Financial and working space support), 0090/Monty (Working space support), ÇATI Studio (Working space support) /// Special Thanks Production support Yelin Bilgin, Supportive ideas Hatice Kocaman, Try-out/rehearsal space support Garajistanbul, Graphic design ın İrem Hancıer, Outside eye Damla Ekin Tokel


Premiered in Monty / 0090, December 2010 Antwerp, Belgium

iDANS Festival, October 2011 İstanbul, Turkey

deVelinx/0090, December 2011 Tongeren, Belgium

Kupferberg Center, February 2012 New York, U.S.A.


Cok (chock) is a word in Turkish which encompasses the meanings of “many, much, very much, too many, too much, a lot,...”

COK is an experiment inquiring into the representation of the processes of different artists dealing with and working through the same material. The material is the performer$s body; a body's possibilities, some-body's possibilities, a moving, thinking, sensing body's possibilities.