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First Dadaist Karaoke.

Participants get to perform a song poetry example from 1932 by Kurt Schwitters, without any prior preparation. For this occasion a special karaoke file is prepared, with the text to be uttered and its specific rhythm (in this case it was Kurt Schwitters’ own performance rhythm was used) which the participants utter the text projected on the wall, to the designated rhythm.

First Dada-oke event is realized in the frame of Open Ateliers Flutgraben, December 2017, Berlin.

Further Dada-Okes are planned with a variety of Dadaist poems by Jan Hanlo, Gherasim Luca, Bernard Heidsieck, Kurt Schwitters and others to be added.



The weekly contemporary dance films and video showings with participation of guest artists and theoreticians. 23 presentations at Tezgah Café, İstanbul December 2008 – June 2009.

The panel in the frame of Amber 15’ Festival, November 2015 at santralistanbul: “Dynamics of Labour in Dance and Choreography in Istanbul: Discussing Choreographic Modes of Production In the Light of 4 Different Examples by 4 Generations of Artists”.

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Turkish Terminology Guide for Contemporary Dance