photo: Bram Mönster

(all audience members, including artist Filiz Sızanlı in the front)


Since many years, I have been fascinated by folk dances: how popular they are among young and urban generations; how people learn, teach, imitate and mutate those simple forms of dance; shared collectivity, usually performed in unison and mostly danced upright.

Interested on the notion of what becomes tradition -and how-, this work aims to focus on the amplified/multiplied, collectively repeated movements of one's body. It works on the ambiguity of gender, staging, repetition, codification process and traditional dance forms where in this ambiguous passage we move from one to many and from self to collective. However 'folk' is not a research on folk dances; departing from this inspiration and material 'folk' is working playfully with the different dynamics of becoming a group, a collective, a bunch, a mass, a crowd, etc.; the blending of roles and behaviors is worth for attention.



Credits: Concept, Direction: Ayşe Orhon / Dramaturgical Assistance: Damla Ekin Tokel / Performance: Ayşe Orhon / Light Design: Jiv Wagner / Sound design and programming: Burak Tamer / Costume design: Nilüfer Karaca / Special Thanks: Hatice Kocaman, Berna Kurt, Levent Aşçı, Banu Açıkdeniz, Bedirhan Dehmen, Gülsün Orhon, iDANS/Bimeras, Çatı-TAL Common Space.

Monty/0090 Antwerp December 2011
Klap Maison Marseille April 2013

Photos: Cyril Slucki (Klap Maison, Marseille) and Bram Mönster (Monty Theater, Antwerp)