The common interest in my choreographic works and teaching is working with collective presences co-existing throughout seemingly single subject and a practice of creating a perturbation both in perception and action. In other words, as I am working with movement, sound and text, my focus is on zones between familiar and unfamiliar, between knowing and not knowing, creating a sense of expansion of space and time where the borders are blurred, the thin lines not being able to name where one entity ends and the other starts.



Ayşe Orhon, Yugoslav descent, born in Boston, grew-up in Istanbul, is a performer and choreographer recently based in Berlin. She has danced with Aydın Teker and Emmanuelle Huynh also collaborated with visual artist Gülsün Orhon. She is a graduate of Artez (HKA) in 2001 and the Master of Choreography program in Amsterdam (AHK) with her research "Permeable Manifestations" in 2013. Orhon performed her works in diverse festivals in Europe ­such as Can You Repeat? (2007), hava (2009), ÇOK (2010), folk (2011), and latest performance thinging (2013) where audience members eventually becoming the only actors of the event. Since 1997 Orhon has been working in the field of movement and movement therapy. She has been a guest lecturer at CNDC Angers and at two Dance Departments in Istanbul since 2002. Certified from Stott Pilates since 2004 she taught Pilates technique as post­-rehabilitation and practiced movement therapy. Teaching and staging Cribles of Emmanuelle Huynh, she was putting on stage the work with local casts in festivals (Brazil, New York, Rio de Jeneiro, São Paulo, Porto). Recently in Berlin she has collaborated with Christina Ciupke (At Close Distance) also with transdisciplinary artists from the field of visual arts, fashion design, illustration and music.